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($ in 000's, except per share amounts)

Financial Information as of March 31, 2019 (see below for selected current information):

Total assets $58,176,185
Total liabilities  $15,280,412
Net asset value (NAV) $42,895,773
NAV per share $80.01

March 31, 2019

July 05, 2019(3)

July 12, 2019(3)

Adjusted NAV(1) $53,761,354 $48,858,547 $48,287,641
Adjusted NAV per share(1) $100.28 $94.05 $92.95
Discount to Adjusted NAV(2) 26.1% 25.3% 24.9%
Cash & marketable securities $6,129,345 $26,092,496 $29,961,819
Altaba shares outstanding 536,137 519,511 519,511
Alibaba shares owned 283,315 133,122 110,190
(1) Adjusted NAV consists of net asset value adjusted to exclude deferred tax liabilities on unrealized appreciation and estimated income taxes payable on Alibaba shares sold (such estimates made utilizing assumptions consistent with the Fund's March 31, 2019 financial statements).
(2) Discount to Adjusted NAV reflects the stock price discount relative to the Adjusted NAV.
(3) Adjusted NAV (and the related Discount thereto) is estimated utilizing the methodologies described above. The figures utilize the Fund's most recently published financial statements updated with estimates as of the close of business for the indicated date for: (i) the Altaba share price, (ii) the market value of Alibaba shares held, (iii) cash & marketable securities, (iv) warrant settlements, (v) state tax agreements, and (vi) Altaba shares outstanding. Alibaba shares owned and cash & marketable securities reflect all shares sold, including unsettled shares (and the proceeds related thereto), as of the close of business for the indicated date. Unless otherwise delineated in the foregoing, values have not been updated from the most recently published financial statements.

Stock Information

Altaba Inc. (AABA) - NASDAQ

Adjusted NAV per share and the Discount to Adjusted NAV are as of the close of business for July 12, 2019.

  • Adjusted NAV per share(3) $92.95
  • Discount to Adjusted NAV(3) 24.9%