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Press Release

Jun 12, 2000

Yahoo! Moo Mail's 100 Percent Prime Grade 'A' E-Mail Hits The Streets Of "Moo York"

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YAHOO! MOO MAIL'S 100 PERCENT PRIME GRADE 'A' E-MAIL HITS THE STREETS OF "MOO YORK"NEW YORK, NY -- June 12, 2000 -- The first-ever Internet connected cows begin grazing the streets of New York City today as Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO) delivers two life-size, udderly-unique cows to the Big Apple as part of the upcoming CowParade New York 2000. The Yahoo!® Moo Mail cows are grazing today through Labor Day in Manhattan's famous South Street Seaport, Pier 17; one on the ground floor and one "Moo" with a view on the 3rd floor.

The rest of the herd, more than 500 in all, will join Yahoo!'s 'Net-connected cows and find pastures throughout the streets, parks and attractions of New York City beginning at the official launch of the CowParade on June 15, 2000.

World's First Online-Connected Bovine
The first-of-its-kind, Yahoo! Moo Mail offers all the (cow) bells and whistles of Yahoo! Mail and is free and easy-to-use for New York residents and travelers on the "moo-ve." Yahoo! Moo Mail consists of two interactive, Internet "cow-nected" bovines that offer people the ability to browse the Web and check and send e-mail for free, using Yahoo! Mail (http://mail.yahoo.com), one of the Internet's most popular Web-based mail services. In addition to checking e-mail, visitors can get the latest information about CowParade New York 2000 via the "cow-nected" kiosks.

"Our goal has always been to make Yahoo! Mail available to people wherever they are and allow them to connect and communicate easily with one another," said Cindy Bishop, senior brand manager, Yahoo! Inc. "We are proud to be a part of CowParade and to offer New Yorkers our uniquely interactive cows that give people a fun place to stay in touch and send e-mail for free."

Yahoo! Moo Mail allows people to sign up for a new Yahoo! Mail account as well as access an existing account where they can check and send e-mail messages to friends, relatives or business associates globally. The Yahoo! cow is an extension of the company's Yahoo! Everywhere® strategy to make Yahoo!'s Web-based content and services available from anywhere, at any time.

LIVE from "Moo York"
Leading the Cow Parade efforts, these "Moo"shalls are also the Official CowParade information cows and offer access to the CowParade Web site where people can get the latest information about the entire CowParade.

"CowParade is pleased to bring our enriching art and civic spirit program to the streets of New York City," said Jerome D. Elbaum, president of CowParade Worldwide, Inc. "Yahoo!'s Internet-connected cow is a wonderful exhibit of art, creativity, and connectivity and offers the people of and visitors to New York a way to access the latest news and information about CowParade New York 2000."

Get 'Net-Cow-Nected
The uniquely designed cows feature a built-in kiosk, custom-designed and developed by Lexitech, Inc. Yahoo! Moo Mail is powered by Lexitech's NetKey® Internet kiosk software and NetKey Enterprise that together provide a user-friendly, secure Internet experience. Telocity (Nasdaq: TLCT), a leading nationwide provider of integrated broadband services to the residential market, is providing the "electronic milk" for the kiosks that will be powered by digital subscriber (DSL) technology.

"We are pleased to team with Yahoo! to provide unique online access in these first-ever Internet-connected cows now pastured in one of New York's most famous locations," said Alex Richardson, CEO of Lexitech Netkey, a Connecticut and San Francisco-based Internet software company. "By powering Yahoo! Moo Mail with our NetKey software solution, we are helping provide this valuable free service to New Yorkers on-the-go and to the millions of visitors to this great city."

"Telocity is thrilled to provide the high-velocity 'electronic milk' Internet connections for the Yahoo! Moo Mail cows, where visitors will be able to surf the 'Net for free and access their e-mail at speeds up to 50 times faster than dial-up connections," said Patti Hart, president and CEO of Telocity. "Our unique plug-and-play Gateway installation - typically used by residential customers - enabled Yahoo! Mail to get the cows up and running in minimal time with maximum performance, and our nationwide managed network will support services throughout the exhibition."

VNR & B-Roll Feed: The "Cows? In Moo York City" video news release and b-roll will be available on satellite today, Monday, June 12, and Thursday, June 15, at 1330-1345 EST (10:30 am - 10:45 am PDT), Telstar 5, C-Band (audio 6.2/6.8), transponder C-24 (horizontal), Downlink Frequency 4180. For hard copies or feed information, contact Kim McCready or Albert Leung at 415.434.1027.

100 Percent Prime Grade 'A' E-Mail
Offering free, convenient e-mail that helps people stay in touch at home, at work, or while traveling for business or pleasure, Yahoo! Mail is one of the most popular Web-based mail services on the Internet. Yahoo! Mail is also available for people using Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)-enabled mobile phones and wireless devices based on the Palm Computing platforms as well as palm-sized devices running WinCE.

Cows in New York City?
Designed to create a unique public art exhibit for New York and showcase the city's rich arts community while at the same time stimulating civic spirit, CowParade New York 2000 is a collaborative effort between the organizers of CowParade, the city of New York, NYC 2000, the Mayor's office for the Millennium, and the City of New York Department of Parks & Recreation. CowParade New York 2000 will benefit New York's schoolchildren and public parks.

About Yahoo!
Yahoo! Inc. is a global Internet communications, commerce and media company that offers a comprehensive branded network of services to more than 145 million individuals each month worldwide. As the first online navigational guide to the Web, www.yahoo.com is the leading guide in terms of traffic, advertising, household and business user reach, and is one of the most recognized brands associated with the Internet. The company also provides online business services designed to enhance the Web presence of Yahoo!'s clients, including audio and video streaming, store hosting and management, and Web site tools and services. The company's global Web network includes 22 local World properties outside the United States. Yahoo! has offices in Europe, the Asia Pacific, Latin America, Canada and the United States, and is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif.

Photos of Yahoo! Moo Mail are available on Business Wire's News with Photos and Graphics Section at http://businesswire.com/

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